Star Electrical Services

Is a leader in accurate, reliable, and professional solutions in the areas of electrical systems and high voltage devices, geared with state of the art certified testing and measurement equipment. Our service experience and industry knowledge will assure the best maintenance and testing for all of your electrical power requirements. All of our procedures are carefully executed to comply with ISO 9001-2015, IEEE, ANSI, NETA, national and local electrical code standards.

We offer electrical testing services of the utmost quality that our customers expect. We comply with our customer’s requirements as we pursue continued improvements in our processes while also consistently improving our human resources.

Focused on Quality

Star Electrical Services is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. As such, our mission, vision, objectives, warranty and quality policy are geared towards providing our customers with the utmost quality services. Star Electrical Service is a registered ISN networking company as well. Based on annual feedback from our customers, we are consistently in a Kaizen Blitz re-engineering continued improvement process. Also Star Electrical Services is a NETA Accredited Company (NAC) and comply with the International Electrical Testing Association.